If you have a family heirloom or nostalgic item lying around the house, a new reality show wants you to let them restore it for you.

A brand new reality series is being filmed for an unnamed "top US cable network" right here in our area. The show is tentatively titled "The Secret Restoration Show," and its producers are searching the Hudson Valley for items to be featured on the series.

The program will focus not only on the item being restored but the history behind it. A casting call is looking for people who are willing to share their "heart-felt" stories involving rare collectibles, pop culture, heirlooms and vintage items.

Everything from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (or older) including old furniture, signs, collectible toys, coin-operated machines, tools, cars, motorcycles, pinball machines, vintage electronics, etc. will be considered. If someone in your life could benefit from having their favorite antique/vintage item restored — and you have a great story behind it, we want to hear from you

The Hudson Valley is home to a treasure trove of antiques and old memorabilia. In fact, the show "American Pickers" has visited the region several times due to an abundance of items in the area that people have collected over the years.

It's still unclear who will be hosting the series or any other details about production, but it sounds very much like the British smash hit "The Repair Shop." Currently streaming on Netflix, the show enlists experts to repair old and nostalgic items that are very meaningful to its owners.

If you have an item that you'd love to surprise someone by getting restored, you can contact the producers online. Those selected won't get paid for appearing on the show, but it appears that the extensive restoration of your item will be free. Filming is expected to start this spring.

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