So I know the headline here sounds pretty cut and dry but believe me when I say this case has at least a couple of twists and turns. Earlier this week New Rochelle police in West Chester County were altered to and responded to the scene where a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle. After arriving at the scene, police quickly discovered that this was not as simple as being an ordinary accident.


New Rochelle Vehicular Assault

The event under investigation took place earlier this week on May 31st. When police arrived on the scene they found the victim, who had sustained serious injuries. The event itself according to the Daily Voice happened on 149 North Avenue. The victim of the assault was taken to a local trauma center and once there was evaluated and listed in 'critical but stable condition'.

Ambulance at the entrance of an emergency room

Police Investigation of New Rochelle Vehicular Assault

After the victim of the assault had been tended to, law enforcement began investigating the incident. During the investigation, police discovered that both the victim and the driver had known each other. Investigation also determined that the assault had in fact not been an accident but that it had been intentional.


The Aftermath and Fallout

With the information gathered from the investigation, law enforcement  was able to quickly make an arrest. Police arrested a 17-year old New Rochelle resident and the individual was charged with 1st degree assault. Because of the individuals age, no personal information regarding the driver has been released. In addition no personal information regarding the victim has been released either, aside from their condition following the incident.

Stamp Important isolated on white. Confidential information

It was indicated that information regarding the victim could be released at a later time after the victim's family had been notified. In the state of New York 1st degree assault is considered a 'class B felony' and it carries a hefty penalty if one is found guilty of the charge. If one is found guilty of assault in the 1st degree they could face a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

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With this charge also being considered a violent offense, it also carries a minimum sentence of 5 years. Probation could also be a possibility in determining a length of punishment and probation itself would be a 'mandatory' 5 years.

Alexander Raths

Finally, the reason for this assault charge to be labeled as a 1st degree assault is because of the intent. Intent is the threshold that determines the severity of a number of crimes like assault. Because law enforcement investigation determined that the drivers actions were intentional, that also was the deciding factor in labeling this a 1st degree crime.

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