Have you been thinking about getting an electric car (EV)? There are many incentives to do so, financially and if you are against continued use of fossil fuels, you might also feel good knowing that you don't have to worry about the cost of gasoline.

Do you have 'Range Anxiety?' Do you know where all of the charging stations are? Do you have the Tesla charging station app? Do you have all the charging stations in NY bookmarked? 

While that is great information to have, there is also something else that you need to know. New York State has a new law involving charging stations that goes into effect on April 5, 2021. Here it is, from the US Department of Energy website;

Effective April 5, 2021, an individual is not allowed to stop, stand, or park a motor vehicle within any parking space specifically designated for parking and charging PEVs unless the motor vehicle is a PEV. Any vehicle that is not actively charging may not park in designated PEV charging parking spaces. A PEV is presumed to not be charging if it is parked at a charging station and is not connected to the charger for longer than 30 minutes.


Conspicuous and permanently installed signage is required to properly identify the PEV station parking and charging restrictions.

There is even more information about the local senators who brought this bill to the attention of NYS residents and the Governor.

Do you have an electric car? Have you gone to a place to charge your car only to find a combustion engine in the spot that you need?

Currently, New York has 2516, as of this writing of public use EV charging stations across the state. The locator can be found by clicking here.

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