So we have all done it, I think, drive down the road, minding your own business and then out of the corner of your eye, you see something. But what is it? You start wracking your brain, thinking maybe you didn't see what you saw. Then after a lengthy internet search, I found it!

What is it? Turns out it is called a Tango, it is a two-seater electric car. Wild, right? The electric vehicle is considered to be a commuter car with a travel distance on a full-battery charge of anywhere from 60 to 240 miles depending on the size of the battery.

The cost of the car? About $250,000. Yep. For just the car. The battery is additional. The manufacturer suggests that you lease or rent the battery which will run you another $5000 to $20,0000. Yep. Seems like a bit much for a small two-seater electric car.

So, have you seen one? The one that I saw on Route 9 was a navy blue one. According to their website, at this time, there are only 12. Yes, a dozen cars, with registries for California, Washington State, Australia and New Zealand.

If you were to register this car in the State of New York, you would need to register as a kit car or a homemade vehicle. For the how to's on how to register a Kit car, (not to be confused with K.I.T.T, the Knight Industries Two Thousand) or a homemade car, click here for the DMV form, which is PDF. 

Would you buy this car? If it were to be manufactured in the United States? Do you think that it would be safe enough? Or should you just get a Nissan Leaf, Tesla or Chevy Volt?

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