Have you gone ahead and purchased an electric vehicle? Or what 'the kids' call an EV? Good for you. This is the wave of the future and with the gas prices going no where but up, this is a tremendous thing.

So have you been worried yet about where and when to charge that new car? While the Hudson Valley has completely embraced EV's and charging stations for year, the City of Kingston is welcoming even more EV owners.

Where can I charge my EV in the Hudson Valley, NY?

Getty Images/Sean Gallup
Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Surprisingly, you will just have to open your eyes and you will see those charging stations. Depending on the type of car (Vehicle) that you have, determines where you can charge, but the City of Kingston, NY has added even more places for you to charge up. Yes, the Quick Check near the Thruway entrance is a popular spot, but where are these new ports?

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The City or Kingston is installing these new charging ports at (three new EV charging stations with two ports)  Block Park, North Front Street and at the City’s Building Safety Office on Garraghan Drive. These charges will be available to all that need them and join the already in place.

According to a press release from Mayor Noble, you can also soon look forward to  additional charging stations being added at Dietz Stadium and in the Prince Street Lot.

Where else can you charge your EV throughout the State of New York? There are many to choose from. 

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