Tis the season...Santa's on crack!

It may be a sad sign of the times we live in but now even Kris Kringle's hitting the pipe. ABC 7 NY is saying that police in South Hackensack arrested a 66 year-old man from Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Monday and him charged with two counts of drug paraphernalia.

What makes this kind of crazy is that the man also happens to volunteer for Toys for Tots as Santa Claus. CBS says that the retired New Jersey Transit worker had been working with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve aboard the Picatinny Arsenal. 

Police stopped Old Saint Nick on Route 46 and saw a crack pipe next to a red Santa suit. Police discovered empty bags of crack and heroin as well as a needle after a search of his sleigh...er, umm vehicle.

Pretty safe to say this Santa's going on the naughty list. It also goes without saying that he'll probably not be working with Toys for Tots again.