This Sunday on the WPDH Album of the Week, we'll feature the album which relaunched Neil Young's career, Freedom.

Freedom is the 17th studio album from Neil Young, released on October 2, 1989. Freedom effectively relaunched Young's career after a largely unsuccessful decade.

Freedom has received mainly positive reviews, especially in comparison to the rest of his '80s work. Rockin' in the Free World, which would become one of Young's signature songs and a live favorite, bookends the album in acoustic and electric variants, a stylistic choice previously featured on Rust Never Sleeps.


  1. Rockin in the Free World (Live Acoustic)
  2. Crime in the City
  3. Don't Cry
  4. Hangin' on a Limb
  5. Eldorado
  6. The Ways of Love
  7. Someday
  8. On Broadway
  9. Wrecking Ball
  10. No More
  11. Too Far Gone
  12. Rockin' in the Free World (Electric)

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