Actress Daryl Hannah has cast her boyfriend Neil Young in a starring role for her upcoming film Paradox, which marks her directorial debut.

The movie -- which also features Willie Nelson and his sons Micah and Lucas, as well as their band the Promise of the Real -- is set to premiere at SXSW next month.

The SXSW schedule, which categorizes the film under "fantasy," "music" and "Western," offers a brief plot summary, describing Paradox as a whimsical tale of music and love, where time is fluid and the story so sorta far-fetched. "Somewhere in the future past, the Man In the Black Hat hides out between heists at an old stagecoach stop with Jail Time, the Particle Kid and an odd band of outlaws," it reads. "Mining the detritus of past civilizations, they wait … for the Silver Eagle, for the womenfolk and for the full moon's magic to give rise to the music and make the spirits fly."

Back in the fall of 2016, Young performed a pair of shows in Telluride, Colo., with the Promise of the Real, with the band dressed in full retro Western regalia for the film, according to the Young fan site Thrasher's Wheat. In December 2017, Young released his latest album, The Visitor, with the band.

Young, who has directed movies of his own in the past, has also dabbled in acting, beginning with 1982's Human Highway. Recently, the rocker's archives have taken center stage. He opened his online archives for free (at least for now) and will make additional vault recordings available throughout the year.

While this Hannah's first feature as a director, she's previously helmed some shorts. She also wrote the script for Paradox and receives a production-designer credit on the movie.