Halloween is a week from Tuesday and if you need some last minute ideas for Halloween parties coming up this weekend, then here's a few pop culture inspired get-ups from the NY Post. 

Politicians are always a target, so you could go as President Trump, or maybe New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sunning himself on Island Beach Park during the BeachGate fiasco this summer. North Korean Dictator Kim Jon-Un is also a consideration though you may have to lay on the hairspray to mimic that awful hairdo of his.

Game of Thrones remains one of television's most popular shows of the year, so maybe you could go as Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen. Or maybe a White Walker?

Of course, everyone from the Kardashians to Beyonce remain popular ideas (or targets) for celebrity based costumes. You could try dressing up as a character from some of this year's biggest films? You could be Pennywise from IT or Wonder Woman.

..and the next Star Wars movie is just a few months away.

Whatever it is, get creative. Try a homemade costume, Sometimes they can turn out to be the best. Have fun and be safe!