Two people were killed and a Hudson Valley cop shot in an apparent love triangle.

Regan Smith, 31, a member of the of the Air National Guard 105th Operations Group based out of Stewart Airport, was fatally shot inside her Queens apartment early Friday.

“I’ve been shot by my boyfriend ... send the police,” a wounded and bleeding Smith told a 911 dispatcher the New York Daily News reports.

When police arrived at the locked apartment, officers heard a number of gunshots.

Authorities later found Smith and a man dead from gunshot wounds to their heads, another man was found severely injured. The injured man was 43-yeard Hewett DePass, Smith's new boyfriend, a Yonkers police officer.

It's believed 47-year-old Nelson Giron arrived at Smith's apartment unarmed, but at some point was able to grab Depass's gun. Giron then shot Smith and Depass, before pulling the gun on himself, police say.

Friends told the New York Daily News Smith recently broke up with Giron. Fearing for her safety, she contacted the NYPD about Giron a number of times in the days leading up to the murder.

“She left him months ago,” Stephanie Mino told the Daily News. “He broke down two doors banging on them. She was scared of him.”

DePass was shot in the shoulder and stabbed twice in the back. He underwent emergency surgery for his injuries which aren't considered life-threatening.