Have you seen the Michael Jackson impersonator that has been spotted dancing in public in the Hudson Valley?

Recently a video posted on social media shows someone dressed as the King of Pop showing off their moves like Jackson in a parking lot on North Plank Road in Newburgh.

The video has been shared over 800 times. In the video, a young child wonders what is the person doing, a woman replies, "I don't know. Dressed like Michael Jackson." The woman adds, "This is what happens in Newburgh!"

A comment on the post proclaims "Michael Jackson is back!!!"

The real Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. The Hudson Valley's King of Pop was back at it again having a Thriller of a time on Sunday. Another social media posts shows what appears to be the same person dancing to Michael Jackson in the parking lot of a Newburgh Walmart. Warning, the post has some explicit (NSFW) language.


Have you spotted the Hudson Valley's Michael Jackson impersonator? If so, where? Also, are you disappointed the moonwalk didn't make it into the video?