I think we are starting to wind down, or winding up if you prefer, out up and down theme on My Lost Treasure.  Pun intended.  I am not sure how many good songs I have left, but I am feeling a new theme coming soon.

I already played a great "up" song from The Band, and today it's a great "down song". If The Band ever recorded a song that sounded bad, I sure never heard it.  Even videos I have seen where Rick Danko is super drunk and then some, as soon as the music starts he becomes an amazing musician that never seems to miss a beat.  If you have never seen the documentary Festival Express you have to check it out.  There are some great moments with Rick Danko, Janis Joplin, The Dead and more.  You'll love it.

Boris and I are on vacation until Feb. 21, but Meat Sandwich is taking over the show and has all the cool stuff you are used to.  Up to the minute news and traffic, Meat at the ,The Welber Zone, and lots of great classic rock.  Thanks for listening.