"Up on Cripple Creek she sends me", how many times have you heard that song on the radio? Those musicians, Bob Dylan's band, 'The Band', lived and created their music in West Saugerties, New York in a house they nicknamed 'Big Pink'.

George Harrison, Eric Clapton and more of the world's greatest artists made their way to 56 Parnassus Lane in the late '60s to be part of the magic that was happening in and around Woodstock at that time. Specifically the magic within the walls of Big Pink.

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According to cbc.ca, Eric Clapton visited Big Pink with the intent to join The Band.

They were magnificent heroes for me, and so I went up to jam with them. I show up with all this paraphernalia on, the guys are all in work clothes, and I thought, well, are we going to jam? They said, 'We don't jam, we write songs and play the songs.' ... I thought, my God, these guys are real serious. - Clapton

After George Harrison visited Big Pink he proclaimed The Band to be "The best band in the history of the universe."

The Band's album 'Music From Big Pink', including the song 'The Weight', was written in this modest house wrapped in pink siding. Bob Dylan and The Band literally recorded the songs for the 1975 release 'The Basement Tapes' in the basement of Big Pink.

Today you can actually rent Big Pink and stay in the home where these legendary artists created this timeless music. The current owner of Big Pink, Don LaSala, joined me for a conversation about the property, the stories and the spiritual energy that exists there to this day.

Intrigued fans from around the world can stay the weekend or just snap a selfie with Big Pink as your backdrop.  For more information on renting Big Pink click HERE.

Check out the full interview with Don below and find out:

  • Why the house is pink
  • What was it like when The Band's Garth Hudson returned to Big Pink after 47 years
  • Why did Levon Helm stay in the attic of Big Pink?
  • Why a man from Liverpool, England walked to Big Pink
  • Which items did Dylan and The Band leave behind in the basement

Big Pink

The legendary home of Rock N' Roll in West Saugerties, New York known as Big Pink.

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