Summer is officially here, but don't get too excited.

Children across the Hudson Valley saw their final days of school this week and on Thursday residents celebrated the first day of summer. After a lackluster spring, it looked like the weather was finally starting to go our way. Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn't finished screwing with us yet.

A beautiful work week with incredible weather and warm temperatures has given way to lots of anticipation for the first official weekend of summer . But now it looks like a bust.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While it won't be steady rain all weekend, you can expect showers to roll in and out each day casting a literal and figurative cloud over your plans.

You can also say goodbye to the warm weather, at least for Saturday. The high temperature is expected to only be in the upper 60s. Thankfully, after dipping down to the low 60s overnight it will warm back up on Sunday, hitting 80.

To add insult to injury, the beautiful weather will return just in time for most of the Hudson Valley to return to work on Monday. Hooray.

The good news is that much warmer weather is expected for next week as we kick off the Fourth of July weekend. Extended forecasts are calling for lots of sun and temperatures in the 90s. We'll keep our fingers crossed.