Are you friendly with your neighbors?

Living in a popular city in upstate New York where everyone tends to be more friendly sounds inviting. 

I have visited/lived in downstate New York/ lower Hudson Valley and upstate New York and have noticed a difference. Those who live in upstate New York tend to be nicer, more down to earth and function at a slower pace.

Living in the same state can also mean living in two different worlds when it comes to New York state.

However, I was surprised when I found out that a city in upstate New York won the most neighborly, there are so many to choose from.

Where Is Upstate New York?


This question has been a battle between New Yorkers for centuries. Those who live in New York City state may claim that anything outside of New York City is upstate New York. Personally, I say anything above Kingston, NY is upstate.

Others may claim that upstate New York begins in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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I believe that the answer to this question is never going to be wrong or right. It simply depends on the person, their beliefs, personal choice and background.

In the past, two Hudson Valley towns claimed to be "The Coziest In America".

This City In New York Surprisingly Ranks Most Neighborly In the US


Have you been to this city before? I have visited there a few times. 

According to New York Upstate, 

"Rochester, N.Y. — It’s a beautiful day in Upstate New York, home to the most neighborly city in the United States."


"Rochester has been rated the most neighborly city in America in 2022 in a study done by Neighbor, a storage space marketplace. Two other Upstate cities also made the list: Poughkeepsie was ranked No. 8 and Albany, the state’s capital, was rated No. 23."

I wonder how Rochester, NY residents feel about this statement?

Is Rochester, NY The Most Neighborly City In The US?

Rochester is a city in New York State and is located in Monroe County. This popular destination may also be known for being the Finger Lakes region and for its beautiful sights on Lake Ontario.

There are museums, galleries, attractions, restaurants, bars and more. 

While visiting, I noticed that a lot of people were nice. I can also think of other cities in New York state that are friendly as well.

According to CNBC,

Rochester, New York's population is 206,357.

"The Flower City topped the list because of its consistent ranking for neighborly acts, volunteering, charitable giving, and happiness."


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Here's The List Of Cities In America Who Are The Most Neighborly In 2022

CNBC provided the top 10 most neighborly cities that are located in the US for 2022.

  1. "Rochester, New York

  2. Madison, Wisconsin

  3. Provo, Utah

  4. Oxnard, California

  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan

  6. Raleigh, North Carolina

  7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  8. Poughkeepsie, New York

  9. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  10. Des Moines, Iowa"

A Hudson Valley City Made The List For Most Neighborly In US

This Dutchess County, NY city ranked number 8 on a popular list.

According to Hudson Valley County,

" released a list of the Most Neighborly Cities in America and in a wild turn of events, it looks like Poughkeepsie, New York was named one of the top cities in 2022. According to the site, Poughkeepsie came in at #8."

Out of all of the cities in the Hudson Valley, I believe that there are other cities that should claim the title of most neighborly.

Which City Do You Think Should Win Most Neighborly?


If we are referring to cities just in New York state, there are a lot of options. For the Hudson Valley, I would say that New Paltz would claim the most neighborly in my books. However, as for upstate New York, I would say anything north of Catskill, NY will tend to have nicer people.

Let us know below which city you think should be ranked most neighborly in the US.

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Hudson Valley Businesses That Opened in 2023

If you're looking for the newest hotspot in the Hudson Valley, you don't have to search far. The hottest nightclub in the area may be right in your neighborhood. An authentic taco spot has opened in Orange County, NY and residents have returned numerous times for their mouthwatering meals.

A fan favorite Rhinebeck, NY restaurant has announced their second location in Ulster County, NY. A korean style restaurant has taken over the same building and location of the beloved and popular, Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

Kingston, NY's Ole Savannah owner made an announcement of their new restaurant. This will open in Uptown Kingston in early Spring. A seafood restaurant closed their doors in Middletown, NY but recently reopened in Monroe, NY.

A new plaza opened in Orange County, NY that brought several, local businesses to one location. Within this location, guests can fill up on gas, get their nails and hair done, stop in for some tacos and cash in their cans and bottles.