Earlier today (February 11, 2023) the Dutchess County Sheriff's Department released information regarding an emergency situation that occurred on Friday (February 10, 2023) at around 2:50 PM. Their office is currently working on an investigation into the drowning of a teenager who fell through the ice on a body of water in the Taconic State Park in the Town of North East.

As many people are already aware the area of Shagroy Road in North East was the site of an emergency yesterday that resulted in a number of agencies responding to assist the Dutchess County Sheriff's Department. This also resulted in the area being closed for a period of time.

Dutchess County Sheriff's Investigate Drowning in North East, New York

According to the release issued today by the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office on Friday at approximately 2:50 PM, deputies responded to Shagroy Road in North East after being notified that a person had fallen through the ice. When help arrived at the scene it was determined that two teenagers had walked out on the ice covering a body of water. They were about 20 to 30 feet out when both teenagers fell through when the ice broke.

Young Man Drowns After Fall Through Ice in Dutchess County, NY

One teenager was able to get out of the water and call 911. It is reported in the release that the second teen was unable to get out of the water. The DIVE team and rescue personnel who arrived were able to recover the second teen who was then transported to Sharon Hospital. Unfortunately, after his arrival, he was pronounced dead. Names of both subjects involved are being withheld.

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by members from numerous agencies, from both New York State and Connecticut. This includes members of the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response, New York State Police, New York State Parks Police, New York State Parks, and numerous fire departments from Dutchess County, Columbia County, and Connecticut. In addition DIVE Teams from the Sheriff’s Office and Goshen CT Fire Department responded, as well as the Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Bureau, Marine Patrol, Unmanned Aerial Systems Unit (drones), and Detective Bureau. (DC Sheriff's Office Press Release via Facebook)


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The Sheriff's office is also taking this moment to also remind everyone to use extreme caution when walking on frozen bodies of water.  They urge everyone to never skate or walk on any ice until it has been deemed safe. Never go out on the ice without someone watching from shore and always check for signs posted that warn about ice safety. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation also offers tips to follow (click here for information).

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