When you hear about moose sightings, you may only think of other areas like Canada or northern New England.

However, moose are certainly around and active in here in New York state. While it may be rare for one to come in contact with humans around, the NY Department of Conservation estimates that there are about 400 moose in the Adirondack region, as of 2016. 

And while mot sightings tend to be in the northern parts of New York state; such as Indian Lake, Blue Mountain, or Old Forge, moose can occasionally stray as far south as places like Dutchess and  Westchester Counties.

According to the NY DEC website, late September to early October is breeding season, so some of the moose you run into may be even less patient than usual.

This dramatic video, posted at NYupstate.com, shows two bull moose fighting for dominance. The video was taken on a back road in the northern Adirondacks by a passerby. This certainly isn't a fight anyone would want to be caught in the middle of. The DEC website says that the bulls can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds.

And while seeing a moose can be a thrilling experience, you don't want to get too close. Moose tend to be easily startled and very territorial and won't hesitate charging at people, especially if they feel threatened.

Roads up north this time of year can be dangerous as well. Moose are usually most active at dawn and dusk, which can make them difficult to spot with their dark color. And because they're so tall, vehicles pass under the body, causing the moose to come over the hood and on top of the windshield. Many moose and even motorists have been killed due to collisions through the years.

The DEC says that if you see a moose on or near a road, be aware and slow down. They tend to travel in packs, so if you see one...there could be more.