If you enjoyed this weekend's weather, you'll love what's ahead.

Highs this week across the Hudson Valley will range from the mid to upper 70s. Skies will remain partly cloudy. There could be a chance of rain by Thursday afternoon, but aside from that it's looking really good.

Lows will range from the mid 50s to the upper 40s. If you're out late, you might need to bust out a light jacket, especially in the higher elevations

Of course, some of you may be wondering how Labor Day weekend is shaping up. It's still too early to tell, but as of the now it's looking like the nice weather will hold out, with highs staying in the 70s and lows around 50. Looking like it will be the perfect weekend for a BBQ.

We'll keep you updated with the forecast, but in the meantime get out and enjoy the nice weather!