Say hello to your new neighbor.

The former lawyer of President Donald J Trump, Michael Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison, on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. According to NBC News, the lawyer made a request to serve his federal prison time in the Hudson Valley.

Michael Cohen asked that he spend his three-year prison sentence at the Otisville federal correctional institution in Orange County. Otisville federal correctional institution has a medium security section and a minimum security sentence, according to NBC News. It has been cited as one of the top federal correction institutions in the U.S.

Cohen was ordered to go to prison on March 6, 2019, as reported by NBC News. While he made a request, it is ultimately up to the courts where Cohen will serve his prison sentence.

NBC News reports that other political officials have served time at the Otisville federal correctional institution, like former New York state Senator Carl Kruger who served a part of7-year sentence.