We're entering the time of year some refer to as meteor season, as the skies above New York will shine with a number of annual meteor showers over the coming months. The next meteor shower will be a precursor, and even eventually mix in with, the year's best shower that is due by August. 

Meteor showers such as these are a regular event each year, and are not be confused with fireballs, like the ones that have been witnessed above the state in recent weeks.

Other Meteor Showers This Past Spring

Space.com says that the last meteor shower New Yorkers, and everyone, witnessed was the Eta Aquarids, that peaked back on May 5 and 6.

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Earth Sky says the next meteor shower comes courtesy of a number of space objects, known as the 96P/Machholz Complex. The 96P/Machholz Complex is a collection of eight meteor showers, plus two comet groups, and at least one asteroid, according to astronomers at Earth Sky. 

Delta Aquariids To Be Seen This Summer 

Astronomers say the next meteor shower to arrive is the Delta Aquariids, which will peak by mid July and linger into early August. You'll have to look towards the southern horizon to get the best shot of the Deltas, which will typically produce around 15 to 20 meteors an hour during a good year.

Experts say the best time to catch the shower will be in late July, before the Moon rises later in the night. A few of the metros produced during the Delta Aquariids leave "persistent trains, glowing ionized gas trails" that last for a few seconds, according to Earth Sky.

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