In yet another big return to the McDonald's menu, the fast food chain announced it's bringing back its Hi-C orange Lavaburst soda. Fans had let their voices be heard after the popular beverage was removed almost from the menu almost four years. Previously, it had been served at McDonald's everywhere for around 60 years.

CNN is reporting that McDonald's has set up a website, where you can check in to see when Hi-C Orange is returning to your local locations. The drink is set to return at select locations in February, and will be back nationwide by June. Just in time for summer.

The website will be up and running by February 15, which is also the same day another old favorite is set to return. McDonald's announced that their famous Shamrock Shakes will be returning to the Hudson Valley, and nationwide, Monday. This will give everyone plenty of time to enjoy the popular St. Patrick's themed milkshake over a month in advance. The shakes will be available for a limited time.

The move comes just a few weeks before McDonald's is expected to debut three new chicken sandwiches to their menu. McDonald's announced in early January that the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich will arrive to restaurants across the country February 24. The announcement comes as a response to other fast food chains ramping up their chicken sandwich options over the past few years, which have lead to a huge response across the country.

The COVID pandemic has lead many fast food chains to readjust their menus, many times by bringing back items that have been in demand for a long time. In October, McDonald's added new items to their McCafé menu for the first time in eight years. And of course, the much talked about McRib returned to McDonald's nationwide in December.

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