Days after Halloween Marist College is under new COVID-19 quarantines and restrictions due to more positive cases.

Early Wednesday morning security was patrolling the Marist townhouses on Lower West Cedar. Large spotlights were being used to make sure students are following a precautionary quarantine after seven new positive cases have been reported on campus.

According to the Marist College COVID-19 dashboard, there are currently seven positive cases on campus, with more testing being done this week. This is the biggest spike since October 11, when seven cases were also reported. This was part of an earlier outbreak that began with 10 positive cases on campus.

It's unclear if the latest outbreak is being attributed to Halloween parties or other off-campus gatherings. Last month the campus was locked down after students attended a party where masks were not worn. That lockdown was extended and the spread was stopped. There have only been a few isolated positive cases over the past few weeks, but this recent outbreak has now forced the college to enact new restrictions.

In-person dining has been suspended on campus and the McCann Recreation Center has been closed. In addition to West Cedar, Leo Hall is also under precautionary quarantine, which means those students will not be attending classes in person. The rest of the campus can attend class but are being asked to eat meals inside their dorms with their roommates.

Marist is asking for help in identifying students who are not following the school's COVID-10 related code of conduct. Campus security has set up a hotline that students and local residents can call to report unsafe behavior. Anyone who sees off-campus parties or unauthorized social gatherings are asked to call (845) 575-MASK.

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