Here you are on Saturday evening trying to watch television with your spouse when some nutjob barges into your home yelling "I'm here!".

To make matters even more startling and stranger is the fact that the intruder wasn't wearing any pants. That's exactly what happened according to, when a 39 year-old man unexpectedly entered a Rutherford, New Jersey home Saturday.

No one knows why he did it, or he announced himself when entering the strangers' house.

Police say the invader was wearing only a black t-shirt, high heels, and no pants. The half-naked man apparently doesn't know the couple who's home he barged into.

Police say they later found the man asleep in a car outside of a home in Lyndhurst. Yes, not surprisingly drugs were involved, as authorities say they found a bag in the vehicle containing ecstasy.

Police say they believe the man was under the influence (ya think?).

He's now facing a number of charges in two towns criminal trespass, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, lewdness, and a motor vehicle violation for blocking a driveway.

Did we mention the suspect is also an attorney? Perhaps he can represent himself when he goes to court? Should be interesting hearing his defense...