You may have seen this bizarre looking contraption in the news. A man recently attempted to voyage from Florida all the way up the Atlantic to New York in a homemade vessel that somewhat resembles a hamster wheel crossed with a giant bubble. He didn't get far. What happened? Maybe more importantly; why the hell would anyone attempt such a feat?

RTE says that the man is actually a marathon runner named Reza Baluchi, who was going to use this specially built Hydro bubble to essentially 'run' on water. If you look at the pictures of this thing, you can see the giant bubble part sitting in the center of the vessel, while a line of floatation devices would keep it afloat during his long journey. But this wasn't even his first attempt at such a stunt, according to FOX 35. Officials say he tried in 2014 and 2016, and he failed both times. Some sources claim he was trying to reach Bermuda, but may have still attempted to make it to New York.

Beluchi started his trip off the coast of St Augustine. He later had to be rescued by law enforcement off the coast of Flagler County, according to sources. His hydro bubble may have been caught by a current and carried the wrong direction. How long would it have taken to jog up the coast? Who knows? There are a whole lot of factors to take into the consideration. UNILAD says that the U.S. Coast Guard has warned him to stop the attempted stunts, or be fined up to $40,000. But Beluchi says this isn't going to stop him. He has told the press that he plans to make this run for charity, so at least his craniess his for a good cause.

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