We've all had some really bad first dates. Maybe you've been stood up before, or perhaps your date spent most of the evening flirting with the waiter or waitress?

It can be tough trying to find love, especially during a time when we're still being discouraged from unnecessary social gatherings. But one woman's nightmarish (but somewhat hilarious) first date account has had social media talking for the past few weeks. You thought you encountered some losers?

A woman shared her first date encounter on TikTok. From what she said in her story, she met the man over a dating app and then went to his place to meet. The man told her had had lost his keys so he asked her to drive.

No problem, right? Well, from her account, they ended up at a Taco Bell drive-in. Still not that big of a deal? It gets better. The taco starved gentlemen then proceeded to order one hundred tacos. From there, he does the unthinkable. According to this woman, he claimed he had also lost his wallet and wanted her to pay for all those tacos.

They ended up back at his place, where they ate some of (though we're assuming not all) of the tacos. At this point, the date was over.

Overall, their 'run to the border' ended up costing her about $150. No, there was not ever a second date. And as if it couldn't get any worse, the woman claims that while they sat there and waited for the Taco Bell employees to put together that massive order, the guy spent the time talking about his ex.

Anyone want to top this dating disaster?

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