This might not be a story for claustrophobics. A man in New York went through quite the harrowing ordeal, as he found himself trapped inside jewelry vault overnight. Firefighters attempted to break through the "steel-reinforced concrete jewelry vault", according to NBC, though would have to back off from their rescue.

NBC says the unlucky man was trying to access his safe deposit box, when an employee of the building unknowingly closed the vault door, thus trapping the man inside.

Man in New York Trapped Inside Diamond District Vault 

The New York Post says that an unidentified 23-year-old customer was trapped Tuesday night inside the vault in Manhattan’s Diamond District. NBC says that firefighters were called to the World Diamond Tower around 8:45 Tuesday evening, over reports of the ordeal.

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Though trapped inside the 30-inch concrete walls, firefighters and police were still bale to maintain communication with the man, while watching him on a security camera, and talking to him over the phone, says NBC.

The Post Standard says that fire crews attempted to break through the thick walls, and reached so far as the steel plating, though had to hold off using their torches in fear of hurting the trapped man.


The good news, according to NBC, is that the vault had a timed lock mechanism. and reopened on its own around 7 AM Wednesday morning. Officials say the man was unharmed.

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Westchester Police Rescue Dog Found in Sewer 

The New Rochelle Police Department said on their Facebook page that they discovered a dog trapped in a sewer, back in April, 2023. And while they say the dog was wearing a harness and leash at the time, they claim the pup appeared to have been abandoned.

So, the police department had a plan though to get the dog out.

According to the officers, they shared their dinner with the dog who was more than happy to approach them for a bite to eat, Once the dog was rescued from the sewer, officials say they noticed that there was no ID or microchip.

The dog has been given the name Leonardo, after another sewer-dwelling Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and was placed up for adoption at the Humane Society of Westchester.  

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