Police say a New York man, with a history of mental health problems, hit four pedestrians in the street earlier this week. The alleged incident occurred when the man crashed his vehicle near the headquarters of a multi-billion dollar tech company that nearly every single one of us utilize almost everyday.

According to sources, the man had previously sued this very same company for $10 billion dollars in 2019.

Police Say Disturbed New York Man Crashes Near Google Headquarters 

The Post Standard says that an "emotionally disturbed man" crashed a Ford Fusion he was operating Tuesday night, striking four pedestrians along the way. According to the NYPD, the 35-year-old Bronx man "turned the wheel of his car all the way to the left and drove into four people walking on the street,"

Note: The Daily Mail is reporting that the suspect is 34-years-old and that three pedestrians were struck, including two woman and a 12-year-old girl. 

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Police say the man brandishing a cardboard sign that read 'GOOGLE TORTURED ME' drove up on the sidewalk until crashing into a building at 60 10th Avenue near Google headquarters. The Daily Mail says that the vehicle ended up smashing into a glass structure about two blocks from Google's headquarters in Chelsea.

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The NYPD says that along with the sign, they found a shopping bag and red gas can in the vehicle the man was driving.

The Post Standard says that the same man sued Google in 2019, claiming “photophobia”, due to “uncontrollably excessive blinding and disorienting ‘flashing’/brightness on various Google LLC products.”

Records say the case was dismissed by a judge, though the man appears to have appealed.

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