Police say a former Amazon employee entered a police station and warned he would detonate a case inside the precinct. It isn't exactly known at this time why the suspect went to this particular precinct, though his actions most certainly rattled some nerves that morning. A criminal complaint alleges the man said the case would explode inside the station upon opening. Looks like someone never told this clown Grand Theft Auto was only a game? 

What's in the Box?

Officials the 25-year-old suspect entered the precinct station in Graniteville the morning of May 9. Syracuse,com says the man was carrying what appeared to be a video game case, and threatened that it was rigged with explosives. Police say he was only standing about two feet away from a lieutenant when he said the case would explode once opened. He even allegedly gave everyone in the room a countdown.

Luckily, he was bluffing and nothing happened once he finally opened the case. A criminal complaint alleges that the suspect “did knowingly convey false information by words and actions to an informant, a member of the New York City Police Department.”. Sources say this fine upstanding citizen had been arrested two days earlier for allegedly whacking an Amazon coworker in the face with a broom.

He is facing a number of charges including false reporting of a fire, explosion or hazardous substance to an official, and menacing. A spokesperson from Amazon also said that he was fired from his job.


Awww Crap!

As bad as that sounds, at least he didn't crap on the floor? Some unfortunate soul was tasked with having to clean up quite a disgusting mess inside the vestibule of a police station lobby in late April. There isn't too much information on the matter as of now. But rest assured, the outcome was pretty gross. Now, one New York state man is facing accusations of relieving himself in a public place. Probably not the brightest idea that they allegedly did this inside a police station.

WKTV is reporting that a 35-year-old was caught urinating and defecating inside the lobby of a police station in late April. Police said they immediately took him into custody and brought him to the booking area of the station. One bit of positive news is that police didn't have to bring him very far, for they were obviously already inside the police station where they work when this clown decided to take a crap on the floor.

The suspect has been charged with disorderly conduct and exposure of a person

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