A lot of us remember getting into some mischief when we were younger. Some never changed and still do. Do did you ever do "donuts" in your vehicle? This doesn't mean stuffing an entire box of Krispy Kreme down your throat as you swerve through traffic. it's basically just repeatedly driving your vehicle in a circle while accelerating through an empty stretch of road, parking lot, or even through grass.

Now, doing donuts in the parking lot right outside of a police station is not advisable. This guy allegedly did.

What Happened

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office said in a press release that a man was caught spinning his Volkswagen Tiguan SUV in the parking lot of the Sheriff's Office in Monticello. This was only the beginning of the incident that happened May 30. Once deputies responded, the alleged joyrider took off through a ditch and nearly struck several law enforcement vehicles. The Sheriff's Office says that this set off a 15 mile chase into White Lake in the Town of Bethel.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Fast and the Delirious 

There is no word why this man allegedly decided to pull this stunt which seemed like something straight out of a poor man's Fast and the Furious sequel. But maybe he just wasn't thinking?

The chase was called off, though deputies identified the suspect as a 49-year-old Harris man who's probably a little too old to be doing donuts at this point. The suspect later ran the vehicle into another ditch in Bloomingburg. The vehicle was impounded, though the suspect had left the scene on foot.

Wanted Man

Officials contacted the suspect and convinced him to turn himself in. Finally, the man surrendered that evening at Sheriff's headquarters. He is now facing a number of charges, according to sources. It appears this guy was wanted too. Deputies say they learned that the suspect has Robbery and Assault charges pending in New York City.

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