Airport security and customs agents always have to be on the lookout. There's always someone out there trying to smuggle something into our airports that they shouldn't. You'll find everything from drugs, weapons, counterfeit bills, and other assorted contraband during any given week.

There's a lot of pressure put on these people to keep this stuff off of our streets. But sometimes the stories you hear are just bizarre.

But what about birds?

Exotic animals being smuggled into the United States are another common problem, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection found out first hand Sunday. Pix 11 is reporting that a man from Guyana attempted to smuggle 29 finches through J.F.K. International Airport.

The black market birds were found in his luggage during an examination, according to reports. What did he store them in? According to CBP, hair rollers.

Unbelievable Reason a Man Got Busted at JFK for Smuggling 29 Finches

Pix 11 says the man was not charged, but will have to pay a fine, and was then sent back to Guyana. A big problem, when animals like this are smuggled into the country, is spread of disease to humans and other animals.

But why finches, though? Some reports indicate they're brought into the country to for bird singing competitions, of all things.

The real reason, however, could be cultural. The Daily Voice says that competitions like this are a big thing in Guyana, and there is a large Guyanese population in New York City, as well as in Rockland County.

When it comes to items and living things being seized by customs, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the crazier things found being smuggled. Fox News reports that agents have found tarantulas, black market bologna, and even a guy dressed up as a car seat.

Pix says the finches have been quarantined for 30 days, and given to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services.

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