It's an another example of something that's become all too common these days. One lower Hudson Valley stands accused of some particularly bad behavior in public, after video shows him going on a screaming, obscenity-laced tirade at Orlando International Airport last week. We're not entirely sure how this whole meltdown escalated to this point, though the 34-year-old suspect admitted that he "had a couple of drinks."

Yahoo says that the suspect from Yonkers was trying to enter the jetway to board the United Airlines flight out of Orlando to New York. You can see him raging at airport employees, who appear to be telling him to back away from the jetway entrance. This only seems to incite him even further. From there, he promises to put on a show. 

Don’t touch me! Don’t ******* touch me!” Martin screams into the void as fellow passengers stare at their phones. “You want a show? I’ll give you a mother ******* show!”

Click Orlando says that the suspect had hit a woman and a United agent. The suspect can then be seen in the video banging on and then leaning on the door to the jetway. Eventually, he enters the area even after repeatedly told not to do so. Once he is seen returning, his mood only seems to get worse. Orlando Police finally arrive and were able to taser the suspect. But he was not going down without a fight.

United told the Miami Herald that the Yonkers man has been banned from travel. He is now facing a number of charges including disorderly intoxication, and battery.

See the video here.

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