A local college's student run newspaper tells of residence halls infested with mice and bedbugs.

College living can be gross enough without having to deal with "endless amounts of mouse droppings," but that's exactly what some students claim they've experienced at SUNY New Paltz.

In an article published by The Oracle, a student recalls cramped living conditions in Bliss Hall that were made even more unbearable by mice. The student claims the rodents not only left droppings, but wound up being discovered dead, rotting in their room.

A new extermination company has been contracted by the school this year to deal with issues like this that may pop up. In the case of bedbugs, the school says that it's a common problem everywhere, not just in the school. Even though SUNY New Paltz uses bedbug-proof mattresses, they're still thrown out and replaced when infestations are reported.

Besides mice and bugs, students have also complained about problems with plumbing, hot water and clogged drains in some of the older residence halls. A student living in Bevier Hall says her dorm was constantly dirty and in disrepair. Towards the end of the semester she says the ceiling in the common area crumbled down bringing dead bugs with it.

The school does have a system in place where residents can place work orders to repair problems and in the case of mice infestations, students are given the option of alternate housing until the problem is fixed.