The Hudson Valley saw some pretty wild storms on Tuesday night which included heavy rain and thunder and lightning. The radio station towers often get struck, but tonight we had the camera rolling.

The towers you're seeing are out in back of the WPDH studio and are actually 1390 WEOK AM. There have been many formats on the signal over the years, Oldies, ESPN, News, etc. An all Spanish format, JUAN FM was launched earlier this year.

I was filming safely from inside the station Suburu, but how can you stay safe in a storm? According to the Center for Disease Control there are several things you can do, some of which are (hopefully) common sense. Avoid water, hopping in the pool or even taking a shower is not a good idea. You'll want to avoid all electronic devices, lightning can travel through all sorts of electrical systems. Avoid corded phones, (if you happen to find one someplace other than a museum). If you get stuck outside, avoid standing under trees. Do your best to get inside a sturdy structure or vehicle. And finally, avoid concrete floors and walls which can also conduct electricity.