A Village of Liberty Police Officer and Dog Control Officer jumped into action after 2 dogs found themselves trapped in a tunnel.

The Village of Liberty Police Department shared the details of a harrowing animal rescue over the weekend.

2 Dogs Trapped in Liberty, NY Tunnel

On Saturday, July 29th, the Village of Liberty Police received a call about a dog barking for over 2 hours in the area of Edgar Street in the Village of Liberty. Police Officer Breann Jones and Dog Control Officer/Constable Joanne Gerow arrived at the scene to find 2 dogs in an underground box culvert running along Edgar Street.

Village of Liberty Police Department
Village of Liberty Police Department

The dogs were difficult to access from one side of the tunnel as Village of Liberty Police explain there was a threat of collapse of an unstable roof on the tunnel. The officers had to climb "through a hole in a chain link fence and sliding down a 7-foot concrete wall" from another location to access the dogs, according to a press release. The canines were about 40 feet into the underground box culvert and one was partially submerged.

Beautiful Display of Canine Loyalty in Liberty, NY

Jones and Gero then witnessed a beautiful act of canine loyalty. The press release from The Village of Liberty Police Department explains:

One dog was partially submerged with his paws holding onto a rock ledge. He was unable to free himself. The other dog continued to bark, refusing to leave the trapped dog's side. As the officers got closer, the dog began to behave aggressively, appearing to protect her trapped friend. With the assistance of a concerned citizen, Tom Lewis, PO Jones and DCO Gerow were able to secure the female dog in order to safely rescue her canine companion from the water.

Village of Liberty Police Department, Facebook
Village of Liberty Police Department, Facebook

DCO Gerow added:

“This was a beautiful example of canine loyalty at its highest level. At one point, the female literally jumped into the deeper water to protect her friend. Officer Jones was fearless and we knew together we would not fail. My appreciation to Tom Lewis and another fine young man who also assisted."

Dog Control Officer/Constable Joanne Gerow is also the founding President and Director of Catskill Animal Rescue. She's also behind the Justice for Zola movement after a Monticello man was released on bail after police observed the man "slamming a female Pit bull dog against the pavement."

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With help from the Catskill Animal Rescue, Joanne Gerow is currently looking for the dog's owners. If you know the dogs or their owners contact Gerow at Catskill Animal Rescue at 845-747-9450.

You can watch the full video of the rescue and the dogs helping each other out on The Village of Liberty's Facebook page. 

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