A bill just passed that will outlaw a selling practice that targets Hudson Valley pet owners.

The bill was passed by both the New York State Senate and Assembly and will be presented to Governor Cuomo to sign soon. The legislation presented by Senator Carl Marcellino from the 5th district will outlaw the practice of leasing cats and dogs.

Currently, pet sellers can offer animals on a payment program that locks owners into a monthly payment plan. Legislators believe that the predatory practice targets families by forcing them to pay way more money than they realize when signing the agreement.

What makes the practice of leasing animals worse is that the adoptive families don't own the pet until all of the payments are made. A  dog or cat could be brought into a home and become a part of their family, only to be ripped away months later if expensive monthly payments are not made.

Now that the bill has been passed it will be sent to Governor Cuomo to sign into law.