Just in time for the holiday season, a beloved Hudson Valley department store has been restored and is opening its doors to shoppers once again decades after closing.

Many of us have fond memories of heading to the center of town and pressing our noses against the glass of the department store. Before malls and Amazon.com, the department store was a magical place where you could get anything you wanted.

Sadly, Lloyds, Playtogs, Lucky Platt and other independently owned stores disappeared from the Hudson Valley years ago. One of these stores, however, is ready to be resurrected and the community couldn't be more excited.


Tompkins Dry Goods

The former Tompkins Dry Goods department store on North Street in Middletown and its famous clock have been restored and ready for the spotlight. On Friday, the department store is celebrating its grand opening under the monkier New Middletown.

The old staircase, the iconic clock and even Santa Claus have all returned to the Tompkins building. Mayor Joseph DeStefano is inviting residents to "go back in time" and relive their childhood by stopping in during the holiday season.

DeStefano says the revitalization of the department store harkens back to a time when downtown Middletown was prosperous. The name of the new business is New Middletown, which encapsulates what the downtown revitalization project is trying to do, rejuvenate and rehabilitate the long-neglected area of the city.


What's New Middletown Department Store Going to Sell?

According to its website, New Middletown is a full-fledged department store selling jewelry, leather, silk, athletic apparel, and "handpicked goods from around the world."

The first floor features "Luxury and Apparel" including jewelry, silk, leather, cashmere and the men's collection. The second floor is the "Local & International Market" with home decor, housewares, beauty and wellness products, food and drinks.

New Middletown Grand Opening on Friday, November 17

Friday's grand opening celebration will begin at noon and the first 100 customers will receive a free gift. New Middletown is located at 29-35 North Street.

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