The City of Kingston is putting grant money to good use and planting trees throughout the city. The grant money was awarded by the NYSDEC Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program.

The City of Kingston was awarded $50,000 total in grants, with a 25 percent match from the city for a total of $62,500 to specifically be used for street trees. The Tree Commission estimates that they will plant between 70 and 90 trees with the grant money, focusing on neighborhoods that currently lack trees and would benefit from additional shade and streetscape amenities.

Plantings will be in the public right of way, with a commitment from property owners to ensure that the new trees are well-maintained, particularly in the early stages of planting. Species will be chosen by the Tree Commission, which will identify types of trees that will have a positive impact on biodiversity and will be the appropriate size for the planting locations.

In May 2018, the City of Kingston completed a tree inventory and management plan of street and park trees. The inventory was completed by ArborPro with funding from the NYSDEC Urban and Community Forestry program. The tree inventory identified 3,937 total trees within the street right-of-way and maintained parkland areas. The inventory also identified 1198 vacant sites appropriate for new tree plantings.

The Tree Commission will accept applications for sites to place trees through September 15. Final locations will be chosen by December with planting to take place in the Spring of 2022. The application is available online through the City of Kingston's website. You can also contact the Planning Office at (845) 334-3954.

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