You probably heard about the shortage of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, tequila,  cat food, and a whole long list of things that were continually out of stock because of COVID. 

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What about the Ketchup shortage? Did that one make you cringe? Did you start to think that the world really was coming to an end? After a co-worker brought it to my attention that there was a ketchup packet shortage, not just here in the Hudson Valley, but all over the United States. Apparently when people were staying at home, nothing brought more comfort to themselves, but putting ketchup on everything. People did this in such large numbers, Heinz, the number one producer of ketchup in the US, they started to run low.

Gasp! Shock! Eeek, what were we going to do? Yes, we go through this ketchup shortage, but at what cost? I know we got over the shortage, because I found a restaurant (Dunking Donuts) that had a full bin of the beloved red tomato flavored condiment.

What do you use ketchup for the most? French fries? Steak? Hamburgers? Maybe a bacon-egg and cheese?

For myself, when it comes to French Fries, nothing beats ordering them well done, so they are super crispy and dark (to me they have more flavor this way) eaten with some ketchup and a bit of Tabasco.

So, ketchup is back in-stock, but have you had some trouble getting Hellman's Mayonnaise?

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