As we get closer and closer to pool season, can you smell it? The smell of summer? The smell of chlorine? You could be smelling that a bit less this year. Why? Come on, at this point, we need to just chalk this one up to the many shortages, inability to finds, and eventual price increase of COVID.

So, why chlorine? Is there a tremendous amount of people who want to do their white laundry all of the sudden? No. This shortage started last year, call it more a slow down of availability, with more people staying home and using their pools or using their stashed vacation funds to put in a pool in 2020. So, heading to the store at the end of the summer 2020, found people with less options.

Then there was a fire in August of 2020 at one of the main chlorine producing plants in the United States. So, that is also a part of the shortage.

What can you do? When you find what you need, buy what you think you will need for the summer.

So in addition to the pool, the shock, the sticks, and the liquid, what else will you need for the year?

  • Do you have a chlorine injection system for the house? How much will you need for the next 6 months?
  • Do you use regular household bleach for the laundry, general cleaning and maybe the siding of your house? You might want to grab 3 to 4 gallons.

Stop and think about how much you may need to use through Labor Day. The summer is when the most chlorine is being used, so expect to have to look around a bit to find what you need, especially if you wait until after everyone opens their pools.

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