Ok, I love to travel. I am open to going to just about anywhere in the world. The only thing that makes me hesitate, the price of air fares. I have never hidden my love of Jet Blue. It has proven to be the best airline for me. You may have had better experiences with Southwest or United or another one, but for me, Jet Blue.

I got an email from them this morning, 10/11/17, with a $31 each way, fare promotion. I usually get these emails and think, ya right, $31 to get there and then $331 to get me back home, right? Are these places that I might actually want to go?

So I started playing with the links, to see what the deal was. I found that you can fly out of Stewart Airport in Newburgh on Jet Blue, Saturday October 27 to Fort Lauderdale and return back to Stewart on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 for a grand total of $62. If you want to upgrade to even more space/speed, or check a bag you will pay more. However, if you pack light, only need to use a small space in the overhead bin and can wait patiently to board a plane (yes, this is a challenge for so many people) then this sounds like a great chance to get away at a savings.

If it only cost you $62 where would you go? Keep in mind that this offer was active when I was writing this post, but expect if to go quickly. Let us know if you managed to get one of these awesome fares.