Have you noticed gas prices have skyrocketed in New York State? We learned the likely reason why. Sadly be prepared to keep paying more.

During my drive to work on Friday, I was shocked to see gas prices increase by about 15 cents overnight.

Gas Prices Skyrocket In New York State


I'm going away for the weekend and planned to fill up for my road trip after work on Friday. After seeing the prices this morning, boy was I disappointed I didn't fill up on Thursday!

Triple A confirms gas prices in New York have increased by about 15 cents in recent days.

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The average price for a gallon of regular gas in New York State is currently $3.65, according to AAA. One week ago it cost $3.49 for a gallon of regular gas. It cost nearly 30 cents less for gas last month.

Average Gas Prices Across New York State

Gas Guage Empty

Below are the updated average gas prices across New York State. Is gas in your home region more expensive or less than in other areas?

Note: the likely reason for this increase is below the average prices.

Updated New York Gas Prices

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AAA does note gas prices are about equal to what New Yorkers paid on this date in 2023.

Likely Reason For Dramatic Gas Increase In New York State


Triple A is blaming "war in both the Middle East and Ukraine which has the oil market on edge."

Oil prices surged three dollars a barrel overnight on Friday after Israel launched an attack on Iran.

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Concerns over the potential disruption of Middle East oil was behind the increase, officials say.

Israel's action was in retaliation from last weekend's Iranian attack which was a retaliation for an Israeli strike on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria.

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