There are many places to walk in the Hudson Valley. Hiking and trekking across trails are a large part of life in our community.

Most people set out for a hike in the early part of the day. In the Summer it is a great idea to get out early that way you avoid the heat. I love to walk but I will tell you unlike others my favorite time to walk is late at night. There is a peacefulness about night walking.

Night Time Events on the Walkway Over the Hudson

I am going to guess that the people who do events for the Walkway over the Hudson realize that night walking can be invigorating. Throughout the year the Walkway Over the Hudson will stay open after dark for an event. Most of the time it is for the full moon.


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Check your calendar for Friday, April 26th, hopefully you are free. You have been invited by Friends of the Walkway nonprofit organization to an event being held after dark. It is the next Walkway At Night event coming up and you won't want to miss it.

This is a ticketed event so order your ticket today, I am not sure if this sells out. This event is also weather permitting. Hanging out after dark on the Walkway over the Hudson River I have to imagine it is exhilarating. Plus it is two days after the full moon so the sky will still be pretty bright.

Hudson Valley views after dark from 212 feet above the Hudson River at Walkway at Night. With the moon hanging high in the sky and Poughkeepsie and Highland twinkling in the distance, there is nothing like a twilight evening on the World's Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge.  (Walkway at Night via Facebook)

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