Are we not alone?

For years, many have been calling for the U.S. and other world governments to come clean with information regarding the existence of U.F.Os and extraterrestrial life.

This recently declassified clip seems to have reignited the debate, and is once again leading some to call for more openness from the government to the public over this hotly debated topic.

News AU is saying that the two-minute video, shot in 2015 by a camera on board a US Navy F/A 18, shows some sort of unidentified object flying over the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast. Fox News says that To the Stars Academy wouldn't say how they got their hands on the film, but some are saying it was obtained through Freedom of Information Act.

The Pentagon's $22 million dollar program to find extraterritorial life, which ran from 2008 to 2012, was revealed in December 2017.