Who doesn't love a good old hunt for a pirate's treasure? It seems as though, there could be treasure buried right here in the Hudson Valley near a popular hiking trail around Cold Spring.

The Hudson Valley is full of so much history, from George Washington and the Revolutionary War to FDR's home and Presidential library. Every Town in the Hudson Valley has its own stories and legends of things that happened through history.

With so much activity here and so many travelers using the Hudson River, including pirates, I think it's safe to say that there's a chance there could be a bunch of treasure buried somewhere in the Hudson Valley. While researching how Mount Taurus and Breakneck Ridge obtained their names, I came across a bit of information that suggests that the pirate Captain William Kidd or simply Captain Kidd buried treasure in one of the caves on the mountain.

This can be found in the book titled, Brief Summer Rambles Near Philidelphia, which was published in 1882 by Joel Cook. While describing Mount Taurus and Storm King Mountain, the text says "There are frequent caves in these mountain-sides, and in one of those caves Captain Kidd is said to have buried treasure". Say what?! Treasure right here in the Hudson Valley?

Upon further research, it seems that the legend states Captain Kidd Stashed his treasure in the Hudson Highlands when his ship went down in a storm over 300 years ago. Sounds very interesting. There's also a legend that says Captain Kidd romanced a farm girl and buried a treasure chest in New Jersey. It seems Captain Kidd had a reputation of stashed his loot in many places. Kidd was tried and executed for piracy in 1701.

Do you think there's pirates' treasure hidden here in the Hudson Valley?

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