The past several days have brought slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity to the Hudson Valley, which provided a much-needed break from the record highs that sweltered the region. But most parts of the Hudson Valley still remain in a moderate to severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Much of the state is under a Drought Watch.

And according to The Weather Channel, another heat wave could be on the way. When will see our next best shot at some precipitation?

Weekend Forecast For the Hudson Valley 

Highs Friday and Saturday could reach the lower 90s, under partly cloudy skies both days. The chance for rain is still minimal through the weekend, according to TWC.

Sunday's highs will once again approach 90, with partly cloudy skies. According to the forecasts, the next best chance for rain could be by Monday afternoon, though it is uncertain how much we will get.

How Much Hotter Has it Been This Summer?

According to Extreme Weather Watch, Poughkeepsie had 20 days that were 90 degrees or higher in 2021, and 31 days in 2020. So far, we've had 26 days of 90+ degrees in 2022.


What is New York's Number 1 Weather Killer? 

It's a bit of morbid thought, but have you ever wondered what is the top cause of weather-related fatalities here in New York state? It actually varies from some parts of the state to the next, but the information compiled in a recent study may surprise you. New York isn't just known for just blizzards. But what sort of weather could actually kill you living in New York state?

Rick Olson
Rick Olson

How is the Weather Killing People in NY? 

According to NOAA, the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the entire United States each year is extreme heat, followed by flash floods, and then tornadoes. So, how does this look for New York state?

According to the map, in parts of the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island, the leading cause of death is also extreme heat. This makes sense if you think about it, for a lot of structures in the region are very old, and not all buildings or homes have any sort of air-conditioning.

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