This could be the wave of the future for warehouse workers and manual laborers everywhere.

But with more and more workers being replaced by machines, maybe Lowe’s is on to something. The company stated on their website that they've been working wit Virginia Tech  to develop an exosuit, which the website describes a "a wearable robotic suit with lift-assist technology"

The suit is designed to help Lowe's employees to lift and move supplies more efficiently, while even aiding with muscle fatigue. This could really help with potential injuries at work. Read more about it HERE.

Together, Lowe’s and Virginia Tech designed and developed an exosuit prototype after months of lab testing. The outcome was a light-weight wearable exosuit that reinforces proper lifting form, and is intended to make lifting heavy objects easier.

There are already four suits being used at a Lowe's in Christiansburg, Virginia. Lowe's says they'll continue to work with teams from Virginia Tech's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Assistive Robotics Laboratory to assess the impact of the suits on worker productivity.