Stop pulling down for the refresh and help Mom mash the potatoes: Instagram is down ahead of Thanksgiving dinner. Outage tracking website reported a surge in outages for the popular photo-sharing and social networking platform around 9:22AM Thursday morning.

Instagram users are encountering errors in refreshing their newsfeeds and posting new content.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, acknowledged the issues via Twitter at 10:41AM, saying they were working to restore service "as quickly as possible" and that other Facebook apps were experiencing issues.

As always happens with outages, social media users dashed to Twitter to speculate on the cause. The hashtag #instagramdown was trending on the platform on Thursday. Many in the Twitterverse spied conspiracy, asking if the social media outage was conveniently forcing them to socialize with their families on Thanksgiving.

Others embraced the outage as an opportunity to disconnect and, you know, try to interact with actual living, breathing human beings with whom we share years of memories and DNA.

How are you surviving your great aunt's gloating about how the Instagram outage doesn't affect her because she's able to enjoy a meal without her phone, unlike you people?

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