We can all agree that winter weather can be a challenge. It is fun to have a day off if we get a storm but usually a storm just means our schedule is off, not us. It becomes a bit frustrating in the winter when it seems that the bad weather always comes when you have something fun to do with friends. Or you have to get to work so you have to dig out instead of staying in your PJ's for the day.

This got me thinking about the Christmas forecast for the Hudson Valley. The day lots of us have lots of stuff planned. It really isn't that far off so chances are that what I found from AccuWeather might hold up.The AccuWeather forecast for Christmas eve is cloudy with temperatures around 40. Christmas day will be sunny with clouds and a high of 39. So all in all it seems like we will be able to travel around with no issues.

This forecast works for me for a lot of reasons. As much as I want a white snowy Christmas, I also want to be able to visit with friends and family. If the weather isn't great it always means plans get changed and let's face it Christmas Eve and Christmas come once a year. I might be acting like a big child but I really hate when the weather ruins it,

So make plans to see friends and have fun because December may have come in with a storm but it looks like it will be ending with a lot calmer weather. Here's to a Merry Christmas and to no shoveling snow for Santa.