Every week it seems that we get closer and closer to regaining that sense of normalcy. Flea markets, fairs, and other events like that are returning this summer, and now the DEC has announced that they will be resuming the in-person hunting courses.

The Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that they will resume in-person instructor-led hunter education courses beginning on April 1. Last year due to the pandemic many of these courses were offered virtually online.

The DEC will have COVID-19 safety protocols in place for every in-person course that is conducted this spring. There will be a health screening upon your arrival, mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, hand sanitizing stations, and the classes will be smaller in size.

The course offered are free and are taught by volunteer HEP instructors. The courses are offered in hunter education, bowhunting education, trapper education, and waterfowl hunter education. If you are interested in taking one of the courses, registration is required, and there is mandatory homework that must be completed prior to taking the in-person course.

Keep in mind that the number of classes being offered is limited this spring due to COVID-19. There will be more classes added each week, so make sure to check regularly. To register for a course or for more information visit the DEC's website. 

Just this week, there were many new regulations that were put in place for the trout fishing season that went into effect on April 1. These new regulations were streamlined to take effect this season.

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