I was pretty excited when I first found out about Moonburger just about a year ago. What is Moonburger? It’s one of the hottest burger eateries in Kingston, that’s what. And what makes Moonburger so special? Well, their burgers are not only delicious, but they’re also plant-based. That was great news for me because I gave up red meat a few years ago but every now and then I crave a delicious burger. Plus it’s totally local. It’s not a chain, so you know you’re buying locally.

Moonburger's Vassar Connections

Moonburger is the brainchild of 2007 Vassar graduate Jeremy Robinson-Leon. Jeremy loved the Hudson Valley so much that he moved here permanently to pursue his dreams. One of those dreams was to open a classic drive-thru burger stop imagined for now and made for everyone. Something for the mainstream that is new and exciting, and fully designed around a plant-based burger.

Moonburger is not a vegan restaurant (you can get cheese on your burger), but they offer vegan options. And unlike Burger King, Moonburgers are not cooked on a grill where meat is cooked, so that's not a problem if you are vegan or vegetarian. From the day Moonburger opened their doors on Powells lane in Kingston, they've been busy. That tells you what a good product they sell. The problem for me is that I live in Poughkeepsie and I don't get to Kingston too often. If only they had a closer location... which brings me to the best news ever.

I heard from Jeremy the other day, and he wanted to let me know that Moonburger will be opening a second location, hopefully by early next year. As sad as I was to hear about the closing of Mexicali Blue in New Paltz recently, I'm happy to share with you the good news that Moonburger will be taking over the Mexicali Blue building on Main Street. Good news, indeed. New Paltz is a lot closer to me than Kingston. Good luck to Jeremy and the team at Moonburger. We'll let you know as soon as they open.

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